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James Madison Presentation - Shared screen with speaker view
Joe Lynch
Thanks to everyone for being here tonight! We'll do Q&A through the chat feature here at the end of Jim's presentation. You can send your question(s) directly to me, or to "everyone" in "Chat."
Jeff White
Why not a TRANSPARENT public face of the Klan of the 1920's? What is the justification for the masking behaviors?
Walter Wagner
What was the relationship between the KKK and the progressive intellectuals who were proponents of eugenics in the early 1900s? Were any of them known to be members of the klan?
Jeff White
The language and public imagery of the Klan of 1920s are very much part of the political battles of today. Is that a significant force resisting the bending of the moral arch toward justice in our time?
Jim Erb
Is there a connection between the Klan and the militias in Michigan?
Jim Hinman
What was the significance of the burning of the cross?
Walter Wagner
Recent biographies have credited Ulysses Grant with successfully taking on and defeating the klan during his presidency. Is this accurate, and if so, how did the klan "come back"?